Two Digital Marketers Walk into a Bar…

August 10, 2018 Doug Mowbray

Just a few weeks ago I was in Santa Clara attending the Google Marketing Live Conference.  This is Google’s annual conference where hundreds of their top clients and partners come together to hear Google’s advertising technology roadmap for the coming year.  

In addition to hearing about all the cool new technologies, it’s a great opportunity to connect with our digital marketing peers.  In the ever changing space of digital, there is no shortage of conferences and opportunities to interact with other digital marketers.  Some of these have become friends, others competitors, and some both. The one thing we all share is an absolute passion for digital marketing.  

At the end of the first day, Google hosts a happy hour.  I head into the pop-up bar they have created, grab a beer, and that’s when I run into Jim.  Jim works at a WPP owned media agency in New York. WPP is one of largest advertising companies in the world, and I have been running into Jim at conferences for years now.  

We start talking shop. He’s telling me about the clients they work with and what’s going on at his agency.  I begin giving him an update on Mogo and all of the great work we are doing for clients, and then he abruptly cuts me off.  He says “ just tell me about your tech stack and from that I will know whether or not you guys know what you are doing…” Wow!  Yes, this is the Jim I have come to know over these past years.

I begin telling him that we use the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) for enterprise.  Formerly called DoubleClick, this is the most advanced, inter-connected advertising platform in the world.  It includes advanced tools for targeting across social, search, TV/Video, online radio, websites, and apps.  It has advanced targeting, measurement, analytics, insights and attribution wrapped into one. Leveraging Google Marketing Platform as our tech foundation, we then have layered on several other tools including the Trade Desk which is the #1 independent demand side platform (DSP) for buying inventory, AdParlor which builds advanced tool sets on top of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We also use Factual for capturing location based targeting, as well as LiveRamp for converting customer data like names, addresses, and emails to online targeting. To organize all of our clients valuable data we have the Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP) sitting in the center. Lastly, we use Datorama to power our client’s campaign dashboards.  

Jim looks at me a with a smile and clinks his beer into mine. Yes, he is impressed.  

On the drive back to San Francisco the next day I reflect on my encounter with Jim.  He’s right. The technology and tools we use do say a lot about Mogo. It says alot about the team of experts required to power these advanced tools to drive results for our clients.  It also says a lot about our clients, that they understand how advanced teams and advanced technology give them an edge.

In the past, advanced technology stacks like ours were only available to the largest advertisers.  However, technology has changed all that and Mogo’s mission is to adopt these advanced tools, become power users, and then deploy them across the hundreds of mid market clients we support to enable them to truly market bigger than their budgets.  

Learn more about what’s under Mogo’s hood here.

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