Top 5 Social Media Creative Trends for eCommerce

October 5, 2018 Jenn Walker

Staying up to date with social media trends is important for any eCommerce brand. Most come to us looking to maximize their media investments while creating a better consumer experience.  To help, we have identified the top 5 social media creative trends that eCommerce orgs are experimenting with in their social media strategy.

1. Personalization

It’s all about personalization. More and more clients are using dynamic ads, which serve an ad specific to the last product a consumer views on your site. This remarketing tactic helps draw consumers back to your site based on their interest. The best part: consumers love it, as  demonstrated by an Adlucent study, which found that 71% of consumers prefer personalized ads because they are more relevant and make shopping easier [1].  As brands work to connect with consumers, personalization delivers a better customer experience and is a proven driver of revenue. 


Dynamic ads serving the content that consumers are interested in!

2. Tell a story with your images

There is a tremendous amount of social content and capturing consumers’ attention can be challenging at best. You need content that makes someone stop and want to engage. One of the best ways to do that is through visual storytelling, connecting consumers to products and  the brand. From a design perspective, the trend is to incorporate lifestyle imagery in which products are being used. It’s a big bonus if a brand highlights their values within the images. Telling a story connects consumers, product, brand, and values to help drive loyalty and connect to your audience.

Showing lifestyle images with products in action helps drive engagement.  It’s a bonus that both brands are showing values by supporting moms and healthy eating!


Showing lifestyle images with products in action helps drive engagement.  It’s a bonus that both brands are showing values by supporting moms and healthy eating!

3. Sell to different audiences within your ads

Cross-selling or co-selling within ads is another rising trend to have on your radar. We are starting to see brands selling different products to different audiences within a single image. It’s a smart way to help to stretch creative and media budgets, while highlighting multiple products at the same time.


Selling to different audiences helps to stretch your creative budgets and makes images more engaging

4. Minimize product-only imagery

Most organizations are moving away from or limiting their product-only shots. Consumers will tune out an ad if it doesn’t feel relevant or engaging enough. To help diversify social media content, brands are mixing minimal product-only shots with their lifestyle and brand-value visuals. It helps define your brand, keeps your social pages visually interesting, and has an added bonus of driving engagement from your consumers!


Brands are limiting their product-only visuals and incorporating more lifestyle images, which help define the brand.

5. Customer journey matters  

This may seem intuitive, but testing different landing pages has proven to engage new prospects and remarketing targets in different ways. Understanding what each target wants helps you design a strategy to get your consumers the information they are looking for. Whether it’s the home page, campaign landing page, or product page,sending your consumers to the right pages will help give them the information they want and help you drive conversions!


What landing page is right for your target audience?

Keep these 5 trends in mind as you build out your social media strategy! Experimenting with these trends has helped our eCommerce clients better communicate and engage with their customers, and has ultimately driven more revenue! Let us know if there are other trends you are starting to see and to learn more about how we work with cCommerce organizations check out our eCommerce page.


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