Mobile Use Drives Immersive Ads

September 1, 2015 mogointeractive

We’ve all heard that the use of mobile devices is growing, but by how much?

In its Global Mobile Platform Report, comScore reported that 61% of all time spent on media in the US is with mobile devices.

This factor is driving more companies and websites, especially those with mobile users, to invest in mobile optimization and the mobile experience. YouTube is no exception.

According to Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s CEO, total “mobile” time spent watching YouTube videos has increased 60% over the last year. This far exceeds the 40% increase in overall mobile usage.  Advertisers are closely following this trend – while mobile ad revenue has doubled, ad expenditures on mobile advertising have increased by 40% since 2014.

Both YouTube and advertisers must continue to be aware of the growing mobile market. YouTube has already launched immersive advertising, a type of 3D experiential video ad. On a mobile device, the user can simply tilt and move the device around to explore an ad or scene. In Google Chrome, users can drag pictures around to see what’s happening in different areas of the ad.

Although the applications for immersive advertising might not be common yet, there’s no question that the mobile experience continues to drive many forces in digital advertising. Advanced digital marketers will recognize this critical factor in the planning and execution of digital marketing campaigns and strategies.