How to Get More Business With Cross-channel Engagement

December 23, 2016 mogointeractive

This year, big consumer products brands will spend approximately $5 billion in digital advertising. Following the consumer trend of transitioning from traditional media like TV to Internet-connected devices, these companies will have more opportunities than ever before to connect with potential buyers.

One main channel for this connection has been social media, where brands have the opportunity to build incredibly personalized relationships with customers. While traditional advertisements have often failed to offer this, digital marketing, and especially social media has allowed brands to engage customers in engaging conversations.

The importance of these conversations cannot be overstated in a world where buyers now hold all the power. Referrals and reviews are critical, and customer-centric marketing is key.

While social media will always remain the main venue for engaging customer conversations and doing some “social listening”, the most impactful marketing programs will be those that invest in growing digital conversions across channels and measure the performance of those channels appropriately. Merely investing in cross-channel marketing is not enough, especially if you are lacking in understanding about how many interactions your audience needs to have with your brand, across which channels, over how many days, etc.

So, how can marketers use social media as part of an integrated marketing program to achieve this cross-channel objective?

The key is to utilize different sources – video, display, mobile, search, or even offline data to become part of your customer’s path to purchase or conversion. According to McKinsey, “companies with greater digital capabilities … convert… at a rate 2.5 times greater than companies at the lower level did.”

Start a campaign on Facebook, then take it to video, or something else – go cross-channel. This will not only allow you to interact with your audiences where they are online, it will allow you to do so in a more relatable way.