Everyone Is On Their Phone

September 4, 2015 mogointeractive

If you’re an adult in the U.S. or Canada, chances are you’re spending a decent chunk of time each day on a mobile device – nearly three hours a day, on average.

This year, mobile alone will comprise over half of all digital spend, and, or the first time, mobile will pull ahead of its rivals Desktop and Print.

To what does mobile’s growth owe credit? For one, the increased time spent by individuals on mobile devices means they are easier to reach on those devices. Second, the steady shifts from traditional media we’ve all been exploring for several years are finally coming to a head.

Part of this growth can be largely attributed to a shift in budget allocations from traditional to digital marketing methods. Though marketing budgets are generally getting bigger, this leap in spend owes a lot to that shift in media spend, according to some analysts.

eMarketer predicts that in 2015, spending on banner and rich media will exceed all other spend sources and by a larger margin than originally forecasted. The second-greatest share of spend in the mobile market is search. Given the nature of search’s use by even small local businesses, it makes sense that it comprises almost 50% of the mobile market, valued at $13.62 billion.

As a marketer, it’s important to keep this fact in mind. As consumer demand in mobile increases, more dollars will be reallocated from traditional media spend – perhaps by you, but also by your competitors. If you aren’t marketing in the mobile space, they certainly will be.

These trends should also move marketers to question their current media mix. Is what’s working now going to work two years from now? Probably not. It’s important to remain agile in your marketing decisions – something that mobile, digital media definitely supports, simply by nature.