“Engagement Marketing” – Another Buzzword, or a New Marketing Mantra?

September 1, 2015 mogointeractive

There are so many marketing ‘buzzwords’ out there today. Most of them refer to thoughts, methodologies, or techniques you can be using in your marketing strategy. You’re probably familiar with some of them:

  • Inbound marketing
  • Actionable insights
  • Full-funnel marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Cross-channel marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Mobile optimization

While these terms do describe important elements of a marketing program’s infrastructure, it can sometimes be unclear what they really mean, and even if you look up the literal definition, it might not help much. For example, the definition of “content marketing” by the Content Marketing Institute actually uses the word “content” in the definition, without once talking about what content is. There’s no shortage of marketing speak in any industry these days.

That’s why the newest marketing “buzzword” is so timely. Marketo, a marketing automation software provider, took to the road on its “Inspiration in the Nation” roadshow to explain it – engagement marketing.

Engagement marketing may just be another fun marketing term to throw around, but perhaps it should be an attitude or idea instead. All marketing should be engaging. At the roadshow, Marketo CMO Sanjay Dholakia discussed how all marketers can be more engaging, and therefore, better marketers. While “engagement marketing” might be a buzzword, being more engaging is something all marketers can get behind. Here are five ways you can start “engagement marketing” any time:

1. Personalize – Talk directly to your audience members in your messaging. Tailor your conversation, and have meaningful one-on-one interaction with audience members. When you treat people like individuals instead of CTRs, they are more likely to respond.

2. Be relatable – Understand what your audiences are doing and relate to them in your marketing. What challenges do they face? What are their interests? Listen to your audience, don’t shout at them!

3. Be consistent – Timing and messaging are both key here. To be engaging, you must interact with your audience on a semi-regular, frequent basis. You can have one great campaign, but realistically, the relationships marketers build with their audiences requires ongoing nurturing.

4. Set goals – So, you want to be more engaging, but why? How will you be more engaging and how will you measure it? Make sure you don’t just arbitrarily decide to “be more engaging”  – because that’s not really going to do it.

5. Be where your audience is – In order to engage your customers or audiences, it’s critical to market to them when, where, and how they will best receive your messaging. If your audiences are online, market online. If they’re on mobile devices, optimize for mobile (but don’t just use the buzzword). Today’s marketing landscape moves quickly, and you should be utilizing the channels that will drive acquisition and customer satisfaction.

Don’t do “engagement marketing” but rather, be engaging by using the tips above. Make that your mantra for everything you do in your marketing campaigns.