Top 5 Social Media Creative Trends for eCommerce

Staying up to date with social media trends is important for any eCommerce brand. Most come to us looking to maximize their media investments while creating a better consumer experience.  To help, we have identified the top 5 social media creative trends that ecommerce orgs are experimenting with in their social media strategy.

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Two Digital Marketers Walk into a Bar…

In the past, advanced technology stacks were only available to the largest advertisers.  However, technology has changed all of that, and Mogo’s mission is to adopt these advanced tools, become power users, and then deploy them across the hundreds of mid market clients we support to enable them to truly market bigger than their budgets.

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Closing the Gap: Building a Stronger Bridge Between Departments on Campus

Cross-department communication remains a challenge for most institutions, understandably. Each department is tasked with different initiatives, has limited resources and often sits in a far away building on campus. But there is a systematic way to narrow this gap (especially between Marketing/Communications and Admissions/Enrollment) and properly set each other up for success.

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