Mogo & Google Video Summit: Building a Better Marketing Strategy Through Programmatic TV

We have all been witness to the massive shift from traditional media consumption to digital alternatives. The last bastion of this has long been TV, where eyes have been glued, but that is all changing now. This change is putting consumers in control of how they consume TV content, as well as creating exciting opportunities for marketers to reach these consumers in ways we could have never imagined.

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5 Takeaways from the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education 2018

This year’s AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education was easily one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. Over 1,200 higher education marketers attended this four day whirlwind of content, collaboration and coffee (lots of coffee for me). Here are five trends and takeaways from this year’s conference, brought to you by yours truly and a few of my EDU friends.

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Top 5 Social Media Creative Trends for eCommerce

Staying up to date with social media trends is important for any eCommerce brand. Most come to us looking to maximize their media investments while creating a better consumer experience.  To help, we have identified the top 5 social media creative trends that ecommerce orgs are experimenting with in their social media strategy.

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