Big Ad News from Google, Again

August 1, 2015 mogointeractive

This past week, Mogo was thrilled to be invited as one of Google’s top client partners in North America to the Doubleclick Leadership Summit.

The event was in Florida, but instead of drinking Piña coladas and surfing, Google executives and a limited number of exclusive ad partners had the opportunity to experience something even more exciting.

During the Summit, Google shared insights on their product roadmap as well as solicit feedback from these enterprise partners in helping shape future products. They also made several major announcements.

Once again, Google has revolutionized the world of online advertising. Neal Mohan, the Vice President of Display Advertising at Google headlined the Summit, announcing three key new advertising features to its DoubleClick ad stack. DoubleClick, a Google subsidiary that provides and develops online ad services, has spent the past several years perfecting “attribution” – or how digital ads can influence audiences, on their Google properties. Now, however, DoubleClick advertisers will have access to this same measurement on external sites.

This is a big deal for online advertisers who may have struggled with cross-platform measurement in a mobile world. What piece of ad content actually pushed the user to take action? Moving forward, DoubleClick advertisers will have a more cohesive picture of the online buying process. According to Google, when advertising efforts are measured across devices, they are up to 16% more effective.

Google will also offer native advertising solutions, working with publishers to serve custom ads in non-banner contexts, like sponsored content. The scalability of such advertising has always been the issue, but it appears Google has found the (long awaited) workaround!

Finally, Google plans to offer a new premium programmatic platform called Programmatic Guaranteed that will allow publishers to sell ads on an automated basis – because who wouldn’t want to make their job easier? This could “take campaigns that used to involve forty steps to four,” Mr. Mohan said.

This is a big win for Google and its DoubleClick enterprise partners. Doug Mowbray, CEO of Mogo Marketing in the San Francisco Bay Area, is especially appreciative of the added value these features will provide to the company’s clients.  “Google is a key strategic partner for Mogo Interactive so I am excited about their continued innovation.  These advanced tools integrate seamlessly with our unified solution so we are excited to deliver even greater results for our customers.” Mowbray said.

Advertisers, marketers, and publishers: What do you think about these awesome new ad features?