November 2, 2016 mogointeractive

When dealing with prospective students, you need to take a soft sell approach versus going directly for the hard sell.

Push too hard and you can scare off a student who is not quite ready to make this important decision about their future. You may have the best programs for these students, but they are of no worth to them if you lose them before they enroll. The best way to approach today’s students is by engaging them and cultivating a relationship where they are most comfortable, and this is online.

With these four methods, you can improve your enrollment numbers and help these students achieve their future employment goals.

#1 Be informative.

Do not assume you know what the student is looking for and push the student in that one direction. Before they have reached the point where they are ready to consider enrolling, they are searching for answers and looking at various programs. These students may not fully understand the various programs you offer and whether it is what they are looking for.

You do not want to sell them too hard on a program before they understand what it is. Infographics on your website can help explain what your different career programs are or offer students tips on skills they will need to get the job they want. This will set you up as a valuable resource to these students. You can nudge potential students to contact you to find out more information by linking this information to your website or contact information. 

#2 Join the conversation.

Pay attention to what is being said about your school online. If students are saying great things about your program offerings, make sure to thank them. Ask them to tell their story because it could help other students with their decisions to enroll. If students are voicing complaints online, it is time to find out why and fix the problems. Misunderstandings can be easily turned around and turn unhappy students into happy graduates who can be some of your best advocates.

#3 Respond to needs.

Instead of pushing the sell, make sure you are really offering the programs that your market wants. Build your programs around their needs and be sure you are targeting the right prospects for your programs. Take advantage of targeted social media advertising that will place your advertising in plain sight of your desired market of potential enrollees. Keep listening to what your prospects want from your programs because this will help you attract, keep and successfully graduate students.

#4 Close the deal.

At the beginning of their decision process, students may be investigating many different career options. When it comes down to making their decision, they have narrowed down their choices to just a few. You need to be ready to act once the student is ready to make that decision with a clear and enticing call to action.

Make sure that you respond quickly to online form submissions or to inquiries to your admissions department. Any hesitation on your part will give your competition the opportunity to act.

This is where the services of Mogo Interactive can help. We know that the hard sell is not always the best initial approach when it comes to dealing with potential students. Contact us today and see how our digital marketing strategies can boost your student enrollment.