4 Ways Advertisers Can Create Great Content

September 1, 2015 mogointeractive

Content marketing has become a major component of many marketing strategies. Content marketing can complement the rest of your digital marketing efforts, including digital advertising.

Creating and publishing useful content provides an opportunity for your company to position itself as an expert in your industry and to drive brand engagement and recognition.

Although it’s relatively easy to create content, creating the proper content for your specific audiences can prove more difficult. It requires time, thoughtfulness, and resources to plan and create compelling and useful content.

Here are four tips you can use to complement your digital advertising strategy and to start creating great content and executing an effective marketing strategy today.

1. Answer questions with your content 

A great content-generator is to answer common questions from other audiences, customers, or potential customers or audiences. Whether in a blog, an FAQ document, a slide deck, or downloadable PDF, responding to the needs of your audiences is always a good idea. It’s also a great way to complement your digital campaigns. If you’re advertising for a specific event or looking for donations, answer helpful questions about the event or donation requirements in a content-based format.

2. Repurpose what you’ve got – slideshows, articles 

Even if you’ve never really tried content marketing, you can repurpose content you’ve already produced. Did you promote a presentation recently at an industry event? Turn it into a SlideShare presentation and post it on your website after you’re done running campaigns for the event. Turn articles into blog posts, and extend your blog posts into longer articles. Have a blog post on a topic from three years ago? Is the topic still relevant? Write about it again, but with a fresh and timely perspective.

3. Talk about your industry

You’re a part of your industry, so why not know about it? You probably already do, so industry info can provide a great foundation for any kind of content piece. Consider the implications of industry trends and write a blog post about one problem in particular that you can help solve. Or, create an infographic or slideshow with charts and explanations of multiple metrics or facts that illustrate your value. If you’re running digital campaigns to generate engagement or brand awareness, this is a helpful complement.

4. Reference others

We think you’re smart, but you can’t teach yourself everything. Why not be especially humble and also use the great ideas of others to create content? Write a book review on a helpful publication, or compile a list of other resources your readers would enjoy for a useful blog post.

Content marketing isn’t for everyone, but it can be a helpful complement to many digital marketing programs and campaigns. If you haven’t considered it before, it’s worth considering.