3 Digital Tech Trends You Need to Know Right Now

August 12, 2015 mogointeractive

The 2015 Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends digital report is finally out, and we couldn’t be happier.

One of the most-anticipated annual digital reports of the year, Mary Meeker’s investigates how people all over the world consume online content and which companies will potentially gain the most.

Here are some highlights of the report you should focus on this year while organizing your digital marketing efforts:

1. Optimize for mobile, and invest in it

The use of mobile internet is rising faster than the collective use of the entire internet. Since 2014, mobile internet use has exploded by almost 25%, and the use of mobile data increased by 69%. Additionally, mobile makes up a pretty good “chunk” of the time users spend consuming media (24%) . While this is all great information, what’s odd is the $25 billion shortage in the mobile ad market where only 8% of ad dollars are being spent on mobile advertising. While as consumers ourselves we might feel that there is never a “shortage of advertising” There’s a huge opportunity here for advertisers to not only consider how they are under-serving this mobile environment of buyers, but how to capture more of that market as well!

2. Take advantage of e-commerce pickup and increased demand for services

We finally have liftoff! E-commerce has almost reached 10% of all retail sales, and that number is only expected to grow with companies like Amazon and Alibaba (China’s Amazon-like competitor) hosting billions of dollars of merchandise on their websites. Meanwhile, on-demand platforms and services (think Airbnb or Uber) are gaining in users and audience size. This gives advertisers the ability to focus on different audiences, like abandoned shopping cart buyers or users who like certain services.

3.  Pay attention to the rest of the world

China and India are big markets, and they certainly aren’t going away. That means digital advertisers will always have an increased amount of competition in a growing global marketplace. China and India, two nations with growing affluence and affinity for online content will be the next frontier(s) for both social media and other online content services.

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